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Cleaning and garment care

It is very important to take care to know, wash and iron a silk garment. Thanks to the care and maintenance of our garments of silk, can lengthen your life without reducing the quality of the fabric.. Here we have put together some rules for the care of silk because it is a natural and delicate tissue that can not be treated as synthetics.
capullo seda

 Rules to care, washing and ironing silk garments

  1. Avoid contact with silk perfumes and deodorants, antiperspirants if, let it dry before we dress. In the case of perfumes, forbidden contact with silk
  2. To remove stains, never use water, if you have an accident, it is best to identify the stain to know how to treat it
  3. Do not use detergents and bleaches much less common product, try to get any special products for washing the silk or gel for delicate fabrics. Common detergents penetrate the tissue and may be yellow, especially ironing be
  4. Hand wash with cold water
  5. Wash quickly unsoaked
  6. To remove excess soap, you can add a teaspoon of vinegar or a squeeze of lemon, this will help clarify the garment and return its natural shine
  7. Do not wring or squeeze or spin silk. A finishing washing the not squeeze drain and to prevent dripping placing it in a towel to absorb excess water. You can roll up without putting pressure on the garment
  8. Avoid hanging the garment, since it is easily deformed. Do not use tweezers, if possible placed on a table and stretch to dry without folds and obtain  optimum ironing
  9. Do not expose silk to the sun after washing, leave to dry in the shade, you should never hit the sun directly.
  10. When ironing, forbidden to spray water to reduce wrinkles, not vaporize silk
  11. For ironing silk garments, I do it to the wrong side, it is recommended to do so by the other party or just use a silk cloth that does not have direct contact with the plate
  12. Ironing silk should be done at  low temperatures , we remind you that it is a delicate and protein material as our hair, hot burn the tissue.
  13. Never iron stained garments,  or silk or any other fabric, heat will set the stain

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